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A Few Minutes With Reid Scott

A Few Minutes With Reid Scott


ImageChit Chat Gal got a chance to speak with Reid Scott from TBS's smash hit "My Boys."


Chit Chat Gal: How similar are you to Brendan in real life?

Reid Scott: The character of Brendan is actually based on a real guy named Brendan Smith who is great friends with our creator Betsy Thomas and is also a writer for our show.  As I have been working on this show Brendan and I have become great friends and I have realized that I am a lot like the character. The two of us have a ton in common and have a lot of fun hanging out. It's kind of funny to hang out with a guy that you are supposed to be playing on a show.


What makes Brendan one of Chicago's Top 50 Bachelors?


Chicago is this great city where I think everyone is on the same page as to what is cool and relevant and I think that Brendan is that guy that is relateable to a lot of people in Chicago. He is this cool hip DJ that people listen to everyday and he has a lot of the fun appeal that people like and want to be around. Plus he is friends with Stephanie who works at the magazine so I am sure she put a good word in for him.


Speaking of Brendan being on of Chicago's Top 50 Bachelors, by getting that superb title he has as Kenny and Mike would say become a bit "douchey".  Has it been fun portraying Brendan that way and will he get knocked off that high horse of his any time soon?


It has been so much fun playing Brendan as a douche.  The episode that aired on 8/27 is hilarious because of all I got to do to mix it up and I had so much great support from the cast to just be as much over the top as I could and really douche it up.  And  I am such a "method actor" so well I really worked that angle during the taping of this one. (laughing) " yeah I am just kidding.  Actually you will see that by the end of the episode the gang has to perform a "Douche Bag Intervention" and show Brendan what he has become and it is a lot of laughs.


You know I am pretty impressed because I was able to just use the word douche three times to answer your question. [laughs]


Do you think that Brendan and PJ are the next "Ross and Rachel" of television? Do you think they will end up together and do you want them to end up together?


I don't think the writers realized how much of a stir this relationship would cause.  And it really is great to hear all these people talking about it and wondering what will happen.  I think they are open to going back to that in the future and that is what is so great about our writing staff is that they listen to us and the fans and go from there.  They really try to keep this show real and believable and people are responding to that.


Are you more attracted to the "PJ type" girl or the "Stephanie type" girl? 


Personally I am more attracted to the "PJ type".  She is the ultimate girl that I think most guys want to find.  She is not over tom boyish and has a feminine side that is hot but she also can play poker, loves sports and can insult a guy right back when he deserves it.  And it is funny because I get tons of fan mail from girls who say that what they love most about this show is that they can relate to PJ. They are so much like her and are glad to finally see someone like her on TV and I am so glad to be a part of a show with such a strong character.


What is your favorite behind the scenes moment?


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My favorite moment has to be from the first part of season one where we filmed the Bar Olympics at the bar.  We had so much fun doing all of those bar games and Jim (who plays Andy) had us laughing all day long.  I really hope that the rumors of our show being released on DVD are true and that they include the outtakes of that day because we could barely keep a straight face with all of his jokes and improv that day.  In fact if you re-watch the show you will see that a lot of the scenes are cut at specific moments because if they lasted any longer we would have been caught laughing or smiling too hard.


I have heard that you are quite the musician do you think that we will eventually get to see Brendan break out his guitar and play and what types of music are you listening to right now?


Every single day I am bugging the writers and Betsy to be able to play the guitar or sing on the show and they keep telling me it will happen Reid just relax.  Luckily Brendan Smith (the real Brendan) is also a big music fan so I am hoping it really does happen.  My favorite types of music are sloppy crunchy Blues, ironically I also love Chicago Blues, and I like the new ways music comes together like classic punk being mixed with classic blues.  I am a really big White Stripes fan.


I have also heard that besides being an amazing musician and actor that you also are quite the athlete and do a lot of skiing.  What made you go into acting since you obviously have an equal love for the other things as well?


Actually I went to Syracuse University and I was a Directing Major.  I was directing these plays and wanted a friend to be in my play and he said I will do yours if you do mine so I did.  After that was done a professor took me aside and told me to be a great director it is good to do acting jobs because you can see what it is like to act and be on the other side of the business so that professor cast me in another play that went over really well and I got an agent from it and from that I started getting jobs.  So it all kind of just fell into my lap and I love it.


If you were given the choice to pick what you would win; an Oscar or Emmy, an Olympic Gold Medal in skiing, or a Grammy, what would you pick and why?


Oh gosh that is hard, I think it is a tie between an Olympic Gold Medal and a Grammy.  Because I just love music it blows me away every day and there is nothing like going to see music live and be there for the performance it is very in the moment.  And the gold medal because skiing is such a physical performance and it is such a rush to perform.  I am such an athlete and it feels very "mono e mono" to go out and freestyle on the mountain.
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