4 Ways To Set Up Your Twitch streams For Success

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Twitch is THE platform for streamers, widely used by gamers who play and stream their games. The platform is also used by other streamers, who broadcast a variety of content, but mostly you will find gamers streaming a game. You can find thousands if not millions of people streaming on Twitch at any given moment. 

As a streamer yourself, you want to ensure that your streams and your career are successful. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that happens. We’ll look at some of them today.

Use Engaging Twitch Panels

Twitch panels are button-like graphics used to provide links to your audience to engage off-site. These can include links to social media accounts, your official website, merch store, etc. To create a good impression, you want to ensure these are well-designed and catch the audience’s attention. To do so, you can use PosterMyWall’s Twitch panel templates.

Templates are an excellent way to save time and energy that you can dedicate elsewhere. Since they will be half done, you only need to put the finishing touches and they will be done for use. They will enhance the overall look of your Twitch profile and make it look professionally made rather than give it an amateur feel. It’ll also make your audience take you more seriously and engage.

Take this example for instance, where Twitch streamer and VTuber Apricot used Twitch panels to allow her audience to engage offline with her. The panels feature the art of her VTuber model and give her overall channel a themed look. Her fans will find these links easier and will be compelled to engage with them. Something similar can also work for your channel as well.

Discover Your Niche And Stick To It

Your niche is your identity, something you will be known for on Twitch. This will be the kind of content you make for your viewers. For example, you can be a dedicated video game streamer or a variety streamer where you can add other forms of content as well. These days artist streamers are quite popular because they draw something on stream that their audience watches. They can get an in-depth peek at their design process and even follow along if they have the materials. 

Similarly, there are musicians on Twitch that perform for their viewers. So you have to see what kind of content you want to make. Being a variety streamer is the safest option since you can have the freedom to switch from content to content. But sticking to one craft can make you a specialist in that field. So you’ll have to consider these factors. 

Have An Active Social Media Presence

When you aren’t streaming and aren’t engaged elsewhere, you should be on social media engaging with other streamers and your audience. This will let your audience know of your activities and when they can expect future streams. Since you will also be interacting with other streamers as well, this will allow you to build professional connections and relationships which can come in handy later on. 

Twitter is best for this purpose due to its dynamic and fast-paced nature. It is also more open as compared to platforms like Facebook and your reach is figuratively infinite. Create a special account for your streams and engage with your audience there. You may also mention the account a few times in your streams so people follow you there.

Use Custom-Made Twitch Banners

Usually, whenever you’re online and streaming, Twitch will display your active stream front and center to your audience. But when you are offline, your audience will see a banner there. Some of the best streamers use these banners, which inform the audience about your stream’s status. They also include some social media links where they can remain up to speed. 

These banners give your profile a professional look and your viewers would be much more likely to take you seriously. You can make these banners easily with PosterMyWall’s Twitch banner templates. Like Twitch panels, which we discussed earlier, these templates can be easily made regardless of your design skills. This banner should reflect your streaming brand and your niche in a way that the viewer recognizes instantly. Put a little message showing that you’re offline with your streaming name and social media links. 

To be successful with your Twitch streaming career, the thing you need to do the most is to be consistent and persistent with your streaming. Growth will be slow in the initial stages and there may be times that you may not grow at all. These are times when you must persist and keep streaming. With time and effort, you will see results. And when you gain momentum, you will keep growing.