3 Tips For Spotting Fake Game Reviews

Reviews are one of the most reliable ways to know how good a game is before you play. They may give you more information on the quality of the gameplay, graphics, and soundtrack, how the game compares to previous versions, how stable the game is, and what kind of support you can expect. You may also get information about in-game purchases and whether they’re predatory or not. With that being said, fake reviews are everywhere, including in gaming, and not knowing how to spot them could lead you to make bad decisions. Here are three ways that you can easily spot fake game reviews.

Extreme Emotions

A lot of people will advocate that you only pay real attention to reviews with scores down the middle instead of five-star or one-star reviews. This is because extreme reviews have a higher risk of being fake than moderate ones. They might also be the result of a client overreacting or being a fan of a particular franchise or developer. Or they may either be an attempt at sabotage or paid/computer-generated reviews. Reviews with moderate scores, on the other hand, are much more likely to be real since a fake moderate review wouldn’t benefit anyone. They will also usually be more detailed and nuanced.

Another way to avoid fake reviews is to take them from a reputable review site. This is especially true if you want to engage in online gambling, for instance. If you are looking for a reputable online casino to play at, casino reviews by Maple Casino will give you a full rundown of the pros and cons of each and some of the deals they offer. Go for a long-standing review site that is willing to speak about both the good and the bad points of any platform or game.

Life Stories

One thing that should raise red flags when you look at reviews is people giving way too much information. If they start talking about the history of the franchise or the developer and the review looks more like a press release than a review, then it’s probably fake. Grammar and punctuation that are too perfect are things you should be suspicious of too.

Funny Reviews

Someone using humor in their reviews is not necessarily a sign of it being fake. However, if it seems like they’re trying too hard, be cautious, especially if it’s a review on Steam. This is because Steam allows people to not only tell them if a review was helpful but if it was funny too. So, some people may try to write overly funny reviews just so they can get some funny points while not really caring about the game or even having played it.

So, if you are looking to buy or try a new game, make sure that you pay attention to these fake review red flags. You have to know exactly what you’re buying, so take the time to scan reviews properly and don’t hesitate to ask for second and third opinions.