3 Surprising Facts About Solar Panel Technology

You see them everywhere: crowded among rooftops and powering lights on construction road work signs, among other things. But what are solar panels and how do they work?

Solar panels take energy from sunlight and convert that energy into electricity, hence their ability to power lights and generate electricity for homes. The panels themselves are collections of solar cells that work together in providing useful power. 

The world of solar panel technology as we know it has made major strides of improvement. For example, as recently as February of 2022, recent developments included solar cells that last longer and panels that track the sun’s direction. 

Interested in learning more? Keep reading for three surprising facts about solar panel technology.

1. Solar ≠ Sole Effort

Yes, you read that right. Installing solar panels does not mean it’s a sole effort. If you interact with the members of your community to gauge where they sit on the line of solar panel science, installing panels has the potential to become a neighborhood-wide endeavor.

And, thinking logistically, it does make sense. Why invest individually, when everyone who wants solar energy in a particular neighborhood can generate power for their homes based on one grid system?

Community solar systems are also beneficial to those who cannot place panels on the roof of their home because they don’t own the property. What’s not to love about getting a group of likeminded people together to share solar energy?

2. Saving With Science

If you choose to install individual solar panel technology at your residence, there’s no doubt the costs will be high. However, think about how much saving you’re doing in the long run, all with the power of science!

Several factors go into saving with solar panels, including:

  • The way panels are installed at your home
  • How you maintain them
  • How you make use of them

If these factors are taken into consideration and executed appropriately, you are sure to see reduced electricity bills in your mailbox. Additionally, you can save with Blue Raven.

3. Airplane Fuel…?

Did you know that solar panels can power airplanes? In 1974, Sunshine, the first airplane fueled by solar power, took flight. 

The process works by using photovoltaic panels to capture solar energy and transform it into electrical energy. Typically, the tail section and wings of the plane are covered in solar cells that, when unprotected from the sun, convert received energy into electricity. 

Since Sunshine’s debut in ’74, scientific developments surrounding solar-powered aviation have shifted to meet costs, energy demands, and efficiency in completing missions.

Solar Panel Techology Keeps Advancing

With each day, solar scientists are working to further enhance the abilities of solar panel technology. Between community grid sharing within neighborhoods, fueling airplanes, and drastically reduced electricity bills, you can’t go wrong with learning about the new and upcoming improvements. 

Who knows? Maybe you’ll someday find yourself as a solar panel sage!

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