24 Redemption

24 Season 7

24 Redemption will both tug at your heart strings and satisfy the need for action and adventure in your life. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Jack Bauer, and it seems like time had done some good for him. He is as emotionally damaged and unstable as he ever was, but this time, he’s using that for good in the heart of Africa.

When we start, at 3PM on the day of the first female president’s inauguration in the US, Jack is at an American run school in the town of Sangala, Africa hiding out from the subpoena that is out there back home for all of his torture-to-get-the-answers he did when he was a CTU, or sort-of-CTU badass. Working with his old partner, Carl Benton (Robert Carlyle, fantastic), Jack has made quite an impression on a group of young boys (who are some of the most genuine actors I’ve seen in a long time). While the bad guys try to come make the boys soldiers in their army, Jack goes out of his way to help keep them safe.

Meanwhile, the new president Alison Taylor is at odds with now former president over his handling of the imminent coup in Sangala. As she gets sworn in, we also find out that her son Roger has connections to this tiny country in Africa, and the tide is set for some nefarious goings on with series baddy Jon Voight.

2 hours of 24 is never enough, but I’ll settle for anything in this long wait until what promises to be one of the best seasons yet. I would say that this two hour movie redeems the writers for anything they ever did with Kim and makes up for a seriously lackluster Season 6.

I can’t wait until January to see where this all goes!