2009 MTV Video Music Awards’ Performances Drive Music Sales

A little more than a week after making their American television debut by performing “Uprising” during the “2009 MTV Video Music Awards,” popular British band Muse has set high marks for record sales, debuting at #3 on the Billboard chart, with 128,000 copies sold. The “Uprising” single alone saw a week-over-week growth of 341% after the performance, jumping from 12,040 to 53,039 units sold this week.

“We’ve seen amazing growth for Muse, with this album selling nearly three times as many copies as the last album did in its debut week,” says Tom Biery, General Manager of Warner Bros. Records. “One thing that was integral was the MTV Video Music Awards. Not only did we see dramatic sales increases a week later, but the band’s performance was a top trending topic on Twitter that night. In addition, the band saw the traffic on its website reach its highest level in history.”

Overall, all of the artists who performed at the 2009 VMAs saw significant sales increases starting on VMA weekend and continuing throughout the week, including Beyonce, who took to the stage with her megahit “Single Ladies,” Green Day, who rocked the audience with “East Jesus Nowhere,” JAY-Z, who closed out the show alongside Alicia Keys with “Empire State Of Mind,” Lady Gaga, who brought “Paparazzi” to the Radio City Music Hall stage, Pink, who took “Sober” to great heights during the show, and Taylor Swift, who performed “You Belong to Me.”

2009 VMA Performance Impacts


  • “Single Ladies” – Digital single sales went up 161% the week after the performance

  • “I Am. . .Sasha Fierce” album – moves from #55 to #40 on the Soundscan / Billboard Top 200 Chart, +40%

Green Day

  • “East Jesus Nowhere” – Digital Single sales increased by 418% the week after the performance

  • “21st Century Breakdown” album – saw a 17% increase in sales the week following the performance

  • “21 Guns” – Single sales moved from a ranking of #17 to #14 on the Soundscan “Hot Digital Tracks” chart, from 53,887 singles last week to 60,394 this week


  • “Empire State Of Mind” immediately went to the #1 Top Song on iTunes after the VMA performance & stayed there for the next 6 days, ahead of the current single, “Run This Town”.

  • The Blueprint 3 debuts at #1 on Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart w/ over 475,000 copies sold after the VMAs.

Lady Gaga

  • “Paparazzi” – moves from #12 to #3 in Soundscan, +170% increase in digital single sales; 63,673 last week and 172,165 this week

  • “The Fame” album – moves from #23 to #12 in Soundscan / Billboard Top 200 Chart, +76.4%, 18,857 last week and 33,255 this week


  • “Sober” – moves from not ranked to #66 in Soundscan / Billboard Top 200 Chart, +200% increase in digital single sales this week; 7,435 last week and 22,915 this week

  • “Funhouse” album – moves from #63 to #28 in Soundscan / Billboard Top 200 Chart, +95%, 8,377 last week and 16,364 this week

Taylor Swift

  • “You Belong With Me” – 80% increase in iTunes sales from 9/12-9/14;

  • “Fearless” album – moves from #10 to #8 in Soundscan / Billboard, +37%, 33,213 last week and 45,529 this week