2007 Pilot Question & Answers With Seat42f:

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We asked our readers for pilot questions and the inbox was flooded with emails from around the globe. We decided to answer some questions each week leading up to the new fall TV season. Keep the questions coming.

Sabrina From Mesa, AZ Asks: Of all the pilots you have watched which one looks like it will be the guiltiest pleasure this fall?
Seat42f: I like starting with an easy question. The answer is "Gossip Girl". It's OC Season One addictive and you'll get past the "am I too old to be watching this feeling" in about 60 seconds. Search for it on your Tivo under guilty pleasures.

Tim From Reno, NV Asks: What is the funniest pilot you have screened?
Seat42f: I'm sure a lot of critics will disagree but for pure laughs FOX's " The Rules For Starting Over" wins hands down. My philosophy when it comes to comedies is I don't care how clever the writing is or who the cast is I just add up the laughs and the show with the most laughs rates as the "funniest" pilot to me.

Susan From Chicago, IL Asks: What are the THREE can't miss new series for next season?
Seat42f: Such a loaded question. Last fall I said " Studio 60", "The Nine" and "Heroes". One for three isn't such a great percentage. This year I'll play it a little safer and pick shows that have good time slots and good a lead on the right network. My three picks for can't miss are "Back To You", " Cane" and "Cashmere Mafia ". "Cane" has a great slot on a solid CBS Tuesday. "Back To You" brings back two fan favorites in Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton and in January will take it's solid numbers to new heights with the "American Idol" push. "Cashmere Mafia" is my wildcard. It seems set for Tuesdays at 9:00 in January which would be great counter programming against "House", "Reaper", "The Unit" and "Chuck" and truth be told something on ABC will breakout but for various reasons the rest of the ABC pilots each scare me too much to make any of them a lock.

Scott From New York, NY Asks: I was wondering what you think of the new CBS sitcom "The Big Bang Theory"?
Seat42f: Liked it but didn't love it. Since it took the time slot of "The Class" for arguments sake I will say that it's WAY ahead of where the "The Class" was at this point last season in terms of comedy and character chemistry. "The Class" needed a bunch of episodes to get where "Big Bang Theory" is right now but can "Big Bang Theory" up the ante from the pilot. That's too be determined. It's funny but not hilarious…yet anyway.

Donnie From Berlin, Germany Asks: Which pilots were the best pilots so far?
Seat42f: In no particular "Gossip Girl", "Life", "Dirty, Sexy Money" and " Chuck" all had me wishing there were additional episodes.

Edgar From Cleveland, OH Asks: Is CBS considering "Babylon Fields" as a midseason replacement?
Seat42f: We still have our fingers crossed CBS reconsiders this series because it was one of the better ones from their pilot season. We have not seen any news that the series is 100% dead. Soon as we get word one way or another we will let our readers know.

Heather From Chicago, IL Asks: How good is "Pushing Daisies"?
Seat42f: Well, I wish I could tell you if the show is worth all the buzz it has been generating but ABC has not sent us a pilot yet.

Lucy From Portland, OR Asks: Which network has the best batch of new shows?
Seat42f: Best batch as a whole from any network believe it or not is the CW followed closely by NBC. "Reaper", "Gossip Girl" and "Aliens In America" are tops of the pilot 2007 class. NBC did a great job as well with "Chuck", "Bionic Woman", "Life" and "Journeyman".

Sienna From Dublin, IE Asks: Were you disappointed in any of the new shows?
Seat42f: "Big Shots" from ABC. Maybe I went into it with expectations that were too high but it just felt flat. Of course I felt the same way about "Brothers & Sisters" last year after viewing the pilot and they turned that around so the jury is still out until the fall.

Brian From Munich, Germany Asks: Which artists and songs are played in the promos of "Women`s Murder Club", "Dirty Sexy Money" and "Reaper"?
Seat42f: "Reaper" features Young Folks by Peter, Bjorn and John

Rose From Ann Arbor, Michigan Asks: What shows seems to be making the most noise after upfronts?
Seat42f: "Moonlight" from CBS has undergone some serious casting changes and brought in David Greenwalt to run things and has gone from a "shoulder shrug" series to something we are definelty keeping our eye on now. Looking forward to all the changes and seeing the new pilot.